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Drydocks World participates in Car Free Day 2017
February 08, 2017


Drydocks World the leading service provider to the shipping, onshore & offshore in the field of oil, gas and renewable energy sectors participated in the Dubai Municipality initiative Car Free Day 2017 on 5th of February.

Dubai Car Free Day is an annual free event celebrated and hosted by Dubai Municipality that encourages people living in the city to use public or shared transportation such as riding the metro, bus, bicycle, carpool, abra, or walking.

Drydocks World has always been focused on raising awareness about global warming and has executed many environmentally friendly programs already in the yard.

Drydocks World has highlighted the importance and encouraged the yards 9,000+ strong workforce to support this initiative by participating individually or collectively to achieve the objective of saving energy and have a healthy environment.

Compared to the last year’s participation, the number of the participants for this year has quadrupled and the reduction on the vehicles entering the yard has dropped to 50% compared to the daily basis cars entering the yard.

In order to encourage the continuity of the participants in this initiative to use fewer cars and be more environmentally friendly; Drydocks World has also organized a raffle draw of bicycles which were awarded to participants.


By limiting the use of personal vehicles to get to work and encouraging the use of public transport or carpooling contributes to a healthy environment to future generations and enhance the status of Dubai as an environmentally friendly city.

Drydocks World is always committed to protecting the environment and is dedicated to championing green initiatives that will enhance healthy living in the UAE.

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