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Drydocks World – Dubai has one of the largest and most well equipped steel fabrication shops in the Middle East. Ship repair and conversion projects have a dedicated steel shop with a monthly fabrication capacity of over 2000 tonnes. In addition, the New Building fabrication facility will progressively increase the fabrication capacity to over 5000 tonnes of steel per month.

A qualified and well-experienced work preparation team handles construction drawings and work processes based on inspection of vessels, owners’ specifications and tender requirements.

The yard’s plate shop is well equipped with the automated panel line, automated welding station, frame benders, hydraulic press, rolling machines and T masters. It also has a plasma-cutting machine for cutting stainless steel. It has numerical and optical controlled cutting machines for cutting steel plates.

The yard can pre-fabricate steel blocks up to 1750 tonnes, which can be lifted up for installation using the floating crane available at the yard. Steel blocks up to 8,200 tonnes can be fabricated and loaded out using Air slide transfer mechanism and Hydro-lift load out facility.

The workshop has a covered area of 15,654.09 sq. m. and an open welding planes fabrication area of 9933 sq. m.
New berths of length 650 m and width 59.5m can be used for fabricating and loading out offshore structures like topside modules, pipe racks and other such structures.
The steel shop can carry out various welding processes supported by more than 200 qualified and Classification Society approved welding procedures.
A team of welding engineers certified according to EN 719 keeps abreast of welding developments and best welding practices.